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Metis Audit is founded by Suzan Veenhuis and Koen van den Brink. Both are certificed auditors and have a history of working in the field of financial audits of financial statements (Big 4 and smaller 8 firms). Both also have had assigments as financial controllers, dealing with questions from financial auditors, and therefore know what needs to be asked too and what needs to be delivered by clients.

Suzan is also a registrated controller (RC, member of the ‘Vereniging van Registercontrollers’ in The Netherlands). Koen is also a registrated tax advisor (RB, member of the ‘Register Belastingadviseurs’ in The Netherlands). Both have therefore knowledge of other important things, besides financial audits, that clients are dealing with.

We have lots of experience with small and medium sized companies, and also with internationally organised clients.

We can provide to you the following services:
– voluntary audits of financial statements
– mandatory audits of financial statements (Metis Audit has a license of the Dutch Financial oversight authority – AFM).
– audits of grants
– all other kinds of (financial) audits for which an audit statement is necessary

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can give you our full track record and further background of Metis Audit and the parties we work